I will deliver your pet to any EU country from Belarus or Russia. I have been delivering dogs and cats since 2017. Delivery is carried out on a licensed car. Payment of customs clearance for the recipient in the EU. Delivery of the RAP

Delivery by courier from Moscow to Minsk 50 euros (At the rate of the National Bank of Belarus BYN Belarusian rubles or Russian rubles)

Meeting the courier of the animal at the airport, at the station in Moscow 4000 Russian rubles. (Additional charges)

Name of company: PDP.DOG Sp. z o.o.

Adress of company: ul. Włóki 67A , 02-995 Warszawa


NIP 951 25 13 210 

Number of account IBAN   PL 71 1090 2590 0000 0001 4747 9653  in EURO

BANK  Santander Bank Polska S.A.

COLLECTION OF PUPPIES IS CARRIED OUT IN MINSK. Meeting in Minsk from a bus, minibus or check-in at the Address for FREE!

The Price includes delivery: puppy, adult dog, kitten, adult cat to the address of the recipient in the European Union or Serbia.Payment for the Commercial Veterinary Certificate, Payment for the export declaration, Payment for the services of Polish border veterinarians 55 euros, Payment for import VAT 23% of the value of the animal, Payment for the Polish customs agent for the import declaration.

 Poland    - PL FROM 350 to 450 eur
Germany - DE    FROM 500 to 600 eur
Lithuania  - LT FROM 400 to 450 eur
Latvia  -  LV FROM 450 to 500 eur
Estonia   - ES FROM 500 to 550 eur
Netherland   - NL 600 eur
Belgium  - BE 600 eur
France   - FR FROM 600 to 1000 eur
Slovakia   - SK FROM 500 to 550 eur
Czech Republick   - CZ FROM 500 to 550 eur
 Hungarian    - H FROM 550 to 600 eur
Rumanian   -  RO FROM 600 to 1000 eur
 Austria  -  AU FROM 500 to 600 eur
Swissland   - CH FROM 800 to 900 eur
 Slovenia  - SLO FROM 600 to 700 eur
 Hrovation - FROM 650 to 700 eur
Italian - IT FROM 700 to 1000 eur